Frequent Questions

To change your password you must go to “My account”, then select “account details” and there you must enter your old password followed by the new password you want to add, confirm the password, click on “save changes” and with this you will have changed the password

To change your information you must go to “My account”, then you will have several options that will allow you to update your information according to your needs, there are sections to change the location information, your personal data, you can see your orders among other things.

To see the details of your order you must go to “My account”, then select “orders” and there you will find your purchase receipt, with the detailed information entered by you at the time of purchase

Please contact [email protected] and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible

Once the Course is approved, you will be able to acquire the certificate from the main panel of the course. By entering “Lessons” in the top menu, this section takes you to the course panel, at the top you will find a message that says “You’ve earned a certificate!” followed by a button to proceed to download your approval certificate