Roadmap to Becoming a Travel Advisor

This is ‘THE’ course for anyone interested in working as a travel advisor. 

Congratulations and welcome! Just by visiting here, you’ve taken the first step in discovering the fulfilling and thrilling career of a Travel Advisor. When you enter the travel industry, you’ll find that your social feeds will suddenly be filled with pictures of colleagues and work acquaintances globetrotting. It’s downright dreamy. Let us help you on your journey!

This self-paced course, written by Steph Lee, founder of Host Agency Reviews, includes not only a 240+ page manual (your literal roadmap) but also seven instructional videos that cover a mind-boggling amount of nooks and crannies to explore when being a travel advisor. Upon completing this course, you will learn:

  1. How the travel industry operates.
  2. The tools and techniques travel advisors use to book trips and ensure the safety and happiness of their clients.
  3. Tips and tricks to help you secure a position as a travel advisor.


Whether you’re looking to be a corporate or leisure advisor, a luxury or adventure advisor, this course will give you the building blocks you need to start your career.

Let’s get started!

Written by Steph Lee, founder of Host Agency Reviews
Provided by the American Society of Travel Advisors